Case Studies

At BackBenchers, we agree that when carrying out a marketing campaign, we use a variety of digital tactics – and social media plays a major part in that process. Check out our case studies and find the relevant one for your business. 

Work with Certified Hubspot Social Media Marketers

Trending topics got 250K+ link clicks!

Daily Medicos is a blog that publishes medical related articles by Pakistani students and aims to portray the knowledge and skills of these students internationally. We increased the traffic on their blog through social media i.e. Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. The ad campaigns brought followers to social media accounts which eventually raised the traffic on the blog. At least 10 articles are scheduled to be published on Facebook daily which causes a tremendous increase in traffic every week. After running the ad campaigns on social media, some trending topics got 250K+ link clicks resulting in bringing more followers to social media pages along with the website traffic.

Sales boosted upto 5x!

Sanzia Enterprises Ltd is a family-owned and operated general merchandise wholesale distributor. Sanzia strives to maintain the highest standards of customer satisfaction, with a wide variety of eco-friendly sustainable product lines. They are also selling face masks after the COID-19 Pandemic We increased their sales through social media marketing by posting their products on social media and running the ads. They claimed that their sales boosted 5x than it was before social media management and marketing.

60% clients Increased

S3RVE is a ridesharing start-up based in Austin, Texas, which is committed to helping families transport their children in a safe, convenient, and reliable environment. Before social media management, S3RVE had less than 15% of clients but as soon as they handed over the social media management to us, they declared that they gained more than 60% of clients and an upsurge in website traffic.

2x more RDAs and RDHs

Fairly is a mobile and web-based application that provides on-demand RDH and RDA staffing services. They hired us as their social media manager and are satisfied with the results. As per the instructions, we upload the announcements regarding their need, and more than the required number of RDHs and RDAs reach them to provide their services. Social media marketing helped them a lot during the global pandemic as they were able to reach 2x more RDAs and RDHs than they could in the normal days.

Increased Applications Downloads!

Smash trash is an augmented reality game that is designed especially for kids to let them be aware of cleaning the environment through the game. We raised awareness through a social media campaign and boosted the posts to reach the targeted audience which resulted in an upsurge in application downloads.

3x people booked appointments

Clarity Dentistry is a dental clinic in Garden Groove. By uploading a post daily on their social media platforms, they wanted to spread knowledge related to dental issues and present their solution. Through this, they found that the traffic on their website increased every day and 3x people booked appointments online.

Increased views through Facebook

Coco kids is a youtube channel for kids which publish animated poems. We handle their youtube channel and Facebook page. Their Youtube subscribers and views increased by boosting the videos on Facebook.

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