Prime Installers

Prime Installers Canada was build to solve a problem. They created this brand to provide a service to their customers that cant afford to take several days off from their full time jobs to get new appliances installed or get the appliances repaired. They are appliance installation contractor for customers based in Toronto and Edmonton that major retailers can’t accommodate.


Prime Installers Canada wanted us to do On-Page optimization and SEO content writing for their website. They were losing quality visitors over the time and were not getting much appointments. They approached us for the same reason, to increase traffic. 

Our experts rolled up their sleeves  and started working on the analysis of their web content and researching competitive keywords.


Our SEO web content writers and SEO experts were engaged in this project. After thoroughly selecting keywords, content was optimized. They used various SEO tools for keywords selection. 

They targeted every page for more than 2 keywords. This helped a lot in ranking on top page of Google.

The Result of our Work

In 2 months time, the efforts started paying off with new SEO results. The client was very satisfied with the quality of our website content as well as with the increasing height of SEO graph. They got more traffic, leads and appointments from organic search. It also helped in increasing there website speed.