Massaggi London

Massaggi is the massage clinic created by Ben Pianese who is an astute massage therapist in London. They offer wide range of massages to their clients. Ben is specialist in Hybrid Treatment Techniques; sports massage, deep tissue, and much more.


Massaggi London was not getting traffic on their website as much as they wanted, so they approached us. Our challenge was to optimize the whole web content according to SEO requirements, to add targeted keywords and rank them on the first page of Google. 

Our SEO experts started their jobs by researching the possible keywords and analyzing the website.


After the research and analysis of their website, our experts gathered the all the information and selected the most relevant keywords.

They used multiple SEO tools for keyword research and analysis. After sometimes their hard work paid off. 


The Result of our Work

We got them ranked on Google with three organic keywords:

  1. Sports Massage London
  2. Best sports massage london
  3. Deep tissue massage techniques

The result was amazing. They ranked on 1st page of Google, locally. They gradually got more traffic on their website and also their number of potential clients increased.

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